Hey Juneau and Haines,

Do you have players who are interested in playing in the State Soccer Tournament in Anchorage, but you don’t have enough to organize a full roster? Fairbanks is willing to help you combine your players so you can put a team in the Womens Open 7 vs 7 Division. This division will be played on smaller fields and will be a ton of fun- plus the winners get cool prizes. Your players would be responsible for the cost, but I’m willing to help you put together a roster and organize your team. Also, if you decided to stay at the Midtown Extended Stay, we might be able to help you get to the fields. Fairbanks will have 2 teams staying at that hotel, with a fleet of carpooling vehicles.

I created a page for your combined team on Eventbrite, which is how Fairbanks is organizing our teams this year. It allows you to collect the name and email addresses of people who are interested in playing- allowing you to organize a roster quickly and easily. I launched ours yesterday and already have a full roster for a Womens team to go. It’d be great to see you out there this year- it was so much fun to play you guys 3 years ago.

Here’s a link to the Eventbrite page that you can pass on to your members: Juneau/Haines Combined Team


Juneau/Haines Combined Team
Hey Ladies, Do you want to come play in the Anchorage State Soccer Tournament, but don’t have enough players. Let’s try to combine your players so you can play! F…
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The State Tournament is Friday July 31- August 2nd. There is a player party on Saturday and there are prizes for the winners of each division.