Men’s Competitive

2019 Men’s Outdoor Champions – Two Steppers
Sponsored by: Alaska Robotics

Men’s Fall Competitive League starts September 5th at the Dimond Park Field House!  

Games are on Sunday nights between 5-9 pm.

Schedule can be found here.



Captains/Managers: There is room for ~4 teams (subject to change based on registration #’s) with a minimum of 10 players per team. Managers will have to register as a Team Captain to create a team where you can directly invite players to your team.

Team registrations are not complete until there is a full 10 player roster.
  • Players may register as a Free Agent and be placed/invited by a captain to a team prior to the season.
For this season, players registered on a team with more than 10 players may be moved to another team if it has not met its 10-player roster requirement. Skill level will be considered.
Player Registrations are $105 due at registration.