Capital City Soccer League

Board Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2018

5:30 PM at Safeway

Board Members Present: Whit Adams, Cindy Eriksen, John Harvey, Janelle Palomino, and Youlie Ninkov
Directors Present: Elanor Watts

Board Members
Whit Adams has officially resigned as CCSL President

  • Remove Whit Adams from CCSL bank account

Next meeting discuss new president
Board member positions

  • Rotation of members
  • Find out what you want and get interest

Financial Report
Taxes – Assigned to Cindy
Need to add Youlie to the bank account
Mailbox – needs to be paid

New Business
ASAA Meeting in Anchorage late February or early April
Shamrock Tournament

  • March 16-18
  • Begin contacting out of Juneau teams

Next Meeting
Time: Friday, February 2, 2018 at 5:30
Location: Field House, Upstairs