Capital City Soccer League

Board Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2018

7:00 pm at Mendenhall Valley Public Library


Board Members Present: Cindy, Johnny, Youlian, and Janelle
Directors Present: Elanor
Public Present: None

  • Payments to be made
    – ASAA ($20/member at 209 members)
    – Summer League Referees
  • Payment made
    – League Apps- will setup auto payment for transactions

Summer League

  • A lot of forfeits this summer- may move to 1/game per week next summer
  • Potential for summer league drafts for next year
  • Need a better system to track referee schedule to ensure proper payment

Board Members

  • Need to vote on movement of current board members (president and vice president) and directors
  • Potential open positions include 2 members at large, director, and secretary (4 positions)

Fall League

  • Field time has been reserved
  • Master’s League
    – $120 per player (pending price)
    – Begins September 7th
    – Ends December 14th
  • Open Soccer
    – $30 per player (pending price) if not in masters or competitive
    – Begins September 11th
    – Ends December 11th
  • Men’s Competitive League
    – 4 men’s teams (potential for more if people sign up)
    – $70 per player (pending price)
    – Begins September 16th
    – Ends December 16th
  • Women’s Competitive League
    – 4 teams
    – $70 per player (pending price)
    – Begins September 16th
    – Ends December 16th

Action Items

  • Directors:
    – Setup autopayment for transactions on league apps
    – Send Hoke Design photos to update website
    – Finalize fall league cost
    – E-Mail all CCSL members regarding fall league
    – Johnny: Post summer league pictures on facebook
    – Cindy: E-Mail potential board members pre-interview questions

Next Meeting

  • Date: Mid October
  • Time: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown