Capital City Soccer League

Board Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2017 at 6:30PM – Mendenhall Public Library


Board Members Present: Whit Adams, Janelle Palomino, Aaron Suring, Cindy Eriksen, and John Harvey

Directors Present: Elanor Watts and Chris Mack

Public Present: Che

Public Comment

  • Inform CCSL players of AASA insurance. Ideas include brief meeting prior to each game at the beginning of the season, mention in managers meeting, include in registration email, etc.

Financial Report

  • Whit will send out
    • Pending February and March invoice for field house
  • Director’s debit cards
    • Must be approved by President and Secretary prior to purchase
    • Need receipts on all purchases

New Business

  • Draft By-Laws (Aaron)
    • 6-8 board members
  • Vacant Treasurer Position
    • Draft questions to potential board members (Cindy and Johnny)
  • Open Soccer at Adair Kennedy Field
    • FREE – Every Sunday from 5-7pm
    • Starts April 30th until competitive league begins
  • 7 A-Side tournament pending date
    • Request June 3, 2017
    • Time: 9am to 4pm
  • Competitive League
    • Starts June 11th
    • Team Deadline: April 30th
    • 4 women teams and 4 men teams
    • Need organized referees during summer league
    • Team Fee (sponsor fee) + Individual Fee + Late Fee
    • Set Cost Preliminary (whit)
  • AASA Insurance
    • Send list of players before end of August (Winter League, Petersburg team, Summer League)
    • Annual General Meeting in Anchorage – CCSL will teleconference in from Juneau (Elanor)

Next Meeting

  • Time: Friday, May 5th at TBD
  • Location: Casa de Cindy (Lena Loop Rd)